Tommy Smith on Leicester

Last updated : 09 August 2004 By The Rambler

DerbyMad: A lot to be optimistic about even after defeat at Leeds Tommy?

Tommy Smith: Definitely. I didn’t see the performances last year but we are going to take a lot out of the game. Even though we did lose there are a lot of positives that ewe can take out of the game against Leicester on Wednesday. I think as a team we performed quite well and should have got something out of the game.

DM: Leeds were tipped by a number of people to do well this season.

TS: I think they will. I know that they have brought in a number of new players and there were seven debutants on the day. They are going through a transformation at the moment like us. I think they have got a good blend and some good experience there. So it was a good test for us and we matched up to them pretty well.

DM: How pleased were you with the way that forward partnerships were developing and your own game?

TS: Quite pleased really. Marcus and I started and I thought he did very well. We tried to link up as much as we can. It’s actually the first time that we have played together including pre-season. So it was new for both of us and I think we did quite well. Then when Junior came on, obviously I have played more with him. He had a couple of chances and I’m pretty sure that we are going to get a lot of goals between the four of us this season.

DM: Having tasted the atmosphere at Pride Park against Villa last week you must be looking forward to the Leicester game on Wednesday when it will be noisier and fuller?

TS: I can’t wait. It’s a local derby as well. The fans that I have seen have been saying to me that Forest and Leicester are the big games this season so it should be a great atmosphere and I am pretty sure that everyone will turn out and be expectant and I’m pretty sure that we should be able to deliver on the day.

DM: What is your experience of derby games?

TS: Being at Watford the big game was against Luton. I only played in a couple of them and when they actually come around there is a bit more of an edge and everyone is looking forward to them so you know that there is that little bit more on the day. I’m looking forward to it very much. I’ve had a few fans coming up to me saying that they don’t care where we finish up as long as we beat Leicester and Forest so I know how much it means to everyone and the players fans understand that and are going to give it our all.