The BIG Interview - Stern John

Last updated : 18 September 2005 By The Rambler
DerbyMad: Was it a difficult decision to come here?

Stern John: It was difficult because I was away on international duty and they wanted to get me before the transfer deadline but I’m here now. As soon as I got here I could see that the entire organisation was geared to the Premiership. I’m here now and hopefully I can do what I do best and that is score goals.

DM: You must know all about Derby because you used to play down the road at a team we are not allowed to mention.

SJ: Yes there is a big rivalry, but hopefully the fans will not be mad at me. I have to get on with my life and my job now I am a Derby player. I hope I can get my head down and start to do the business.

DM: Have you seen Derby play much recently?

SJ; No, not recently. I played against them last season. From what I have heard about the team they are playing some good football. And it’s attractive football. They just need someone to put the ball in the net. That’s why I came to Derby to play football, and I want to be part of that too. So hopefully I can come and make a difference to the team.

DM: Presumably now we have got you we have to get used to you leaving to go and play for Trinidad and Tobago.

SJ: Well there are 2 more games to go. It’s not that I don’t want to be here but if we win those 2 games we have a great chance of getting to the World Cup. It’s a players’ dream in their career so I hope that the fans understand.

DM: Knowing the fans here they will be delighted, and cheering you on if you get through. Do you have a real chance of achieving that then?

SJ: Yes there are three teams fighting for third place and there are two games to go. It would be great when you get older to say that it is something that you played in. Especially for me and my country.

DM: Presumably there can’t be that large a population there?

SJ: There are about 1.3million people there. And we have a great chance to go to the World Cup. The country is behind us and the team is doing ok so far. So like I say if we get to the World Cup it is going to be unbelievable.

DM: So what sort of a goalscorer are you?

SJ: I think I’m a box goalscorer. I like to get in the box and finish moves off. I can also hold up the ball and my link play with the midfield is good. And that is important for the team, because if you don’t have someone to hold the ball up and bring other guys into the play you will never get the ball into the box. Hopefully that is something I can bring to the table at Derby. Work hard and be a team player.

DM: Presumably you are not going to have much chance to train and practice with these guys.

SJ: Today (Friday) is my first session and from what I have seen I am really happy to be here. All the lads accept me really well. It’s like a team. There is togetherness. There are no big time guys. Everyone is playing like a team, which is really important also. I’m really happy to be part of it.

DM: Anyone that you knew here before coming?

SJ: Yes I knew Michael Johnson and Jeff Kenna and they welcomed me, which made things a lot easier for me.

DM: Looking forward to playing on Sunday?

SJ: Yes very much so.