The BIG INterview - Morten Bisgaard

Last updated : 02 November 2005 By The Rambler

DerbyMad: Obviously a disappointing result for everyone against Q.P.R. last Saturday but a quick chance to put things right with the Ipswich game.

Morten Bisgaard: Yeah it is. Hopefully we will get a little bit of luck though. We need 3 points and we need them now. Luckily we get a quick chance after Saturdays’ game.

DM: Luck is an important word isn’t it? Although people go on about it - 4 goals disallowed in 2 games you can’t believe it can you?

MB: No, and a missed penalty. And chances that either seems to go wide or the goalkeeper saves it miraculously. You need a bit of luck. Obviously everything is not down to luck. We’ve made too many mistakes and have got to learn from that but I think we have been unlucky you know without crying too much. That’s it and we have just got to keep pushing and keep trying and if you try hard enough you will get lucky at some point.

DM: If you can convince yourself that it is only bad luck that is preventing you from winning does it make it easier for you. If you know that you lost a game because you were bad you could admit that you were rubbish, but if it is down to bad luck then you maybe know that you are not far away from turning a corner?

MB: It’s quite frustrating. We have only been on our heels once – in the second half of the Wolves game. But in all the other games we have been equally as good if not better than the opponent. So that is maybe the most frustrating thing because like last year when we lost 3-0 to Preston we knew that we were just out played and there were other games where we had to admit that we had just lost to a better opponent. But we have been playing well but still been getting nothing so that makes you look even harder for answers. “What are we doing wrong here?” because it is difficult to find other than we are missing our chances. And the other ones are always getting a goal from somewhere.

DM: So what is the mood in the camp going into tomorrow’s game?

MB: We’re all managing to keep our heads up because it is a difficult situation, as everybody knows. But we can’t go around looking like zombies or people going to a funeral. We have got to keep our heads up and keep a smile in the camp. That’s the only way forward. As much as we want to cry we can’t allow that so we have got to keep our heads up. And I think everyone is doing a good job including the captains – Jeff Kenna and Michael Johnson – to keep our heads up.