The Big Interview - Jamie Vincent

Last updated : 28 October 2004 By The Rambler

DerbyMad: A good performance and victory at Burnley last week, and presumably something that you have been able to carry through into training this week?

Jamie Vincent: Yes. We took a lot of confidence out of the game on Friday. In the end it was convincing win I thought. We dealt with everything they threw at us and came away with 3 points. We have trained hard this week going into the Rotherham game this Saturday.

DM: Arguably as well as you have played away as a team?

JV: Yes. It didn’t look like we were going to concede at any stage. We were very comfortable all over the pitch, and there were also some good individual performances.

DM: Before we look at this weekend’s game I’d like to ask you about your own form. You had time out through injury and you said that it would take a while to get back to your best. How close are you now to what you see as your best?

JV: I still don’t think I’m anywhere the level of performance that I gave when I first came to the club, but I’m trying to work on that in training. A few extra sessions a week trying to build up fitness and improve on defending.

DM: What is the reason for that? Do you just get "ring rusty" after a few weeks out?

JV: You lose your rhythm. You lose your concentration, which is the most important part of football I think. Being able to focus on your own tasks in the game. We’re working on all that and hopefully will get it right on Saturday.

DM: Assuming that the team is playing well you are joining a well-oiled machine when you come back from injury.

JV: Yes. The physios look after you well while you are out. You have nutritionists and psychologists. Pretty much everything to get your head and your body right for the game. We have all the people in place to help you through the injured times and back into the first team.

DM: What part does he psychologist play then? Does he have to convince you that you will be as good as before the injury?

JV: Well there is that and you have goals and aims. It’s how hard you work from the position you are at the time to achieve your goals and also how to focus during training and on match days. So he just gives you a few things to work on away from the training ground. If you get nervous in match days he can give you a few exercises just to calm you down. And to think of when you make your first tackle and your first header. Everything just to set you up to perform well on a match day.

DM: So let’s look forward to Saturday and a Rotherham. Presumably the problem is not to take them too lightly?

JV: If you get complacent against teams like Rotherham because they haven’t won you will end up getting beat – simple as that. But if we are focussed we should be able to do the business.

DM: You have got to be looking to beat Rotherham with their current record haven’t you?

JV: Yes that is true, and for everyone to see. On paper we should, but it’s how we approach it on the day. And hopefully we will approach it in the right manner.

DM: What sort of problems do you envisage them giving you?

JV: They’ll play a 4-4-2 formation and work hard for each other, close us down like a typical Rotherham team. Ailitywise I wouldn’t say that they have anything to worry about on an individual basis. But it’s how they work as a team. Unfortunately they haven’t picked up any wins so far this season and hopefully that won’t change on Saturday.

DM: With them and then Brighton coming up there is a real opportunity to push away from the middle of the table towards the end that really matters.

JV: Yes. Just get a few wins under our belts and that pushes us right up. Alternatively if you lose it pushes you straight back down. It’s one of those positions where we have to push on and get more wins than the draws we have been getting lately