The BIG Interview = Ian Taylor

Last updated : 27 January 2005 By The Rambler

DerbyMad: Let’s start by reflecting on he victory over Leeds. After a number of false starts Derby finally making it into the playoffs.

Ian Taylor: We’ve had a few chances but finally made it into there. I think we were in a good position anyway. Maybe sometimes it can be a bad thing to get in there too early. But we will take it with both hands. The lads have got confidence now and we are looking forwards to the next game.

DM: Whatever happens from here on in the fact that Derby at least "touched the bar" shows how far you have come since last season.

IT: Definitely. If you had asked us this time last season if we would now be contesting the playoffs we would have thought no chance. The lads have worked hard though. The manager has got some good players in and we have gone from strength to strength. If we can keep it up to the end of the season then great.

DM: It was noticeable in the post match press conference after the Leeds game that Kevin Blackwell said that he had had you down as dark horses for promotion for a while. It seems as if you are getting respect all over the place these days.

IT: Yes, all of a sudden people are starting to sit up and take notice. Which, like I said before, may be a bad thing. It is good that people are recognizing our feats in the league.

DM: Saturday you get a break from the league. Is it a pleasant break or a needless distraction?

IT: It is nice to have a little break, but when you are going well in the league you find yourself looking forward to the next match and we are looking forward to Brighton away. We know that if we can win that game we will be right in there for the playoffs. It is a bit of a break that you don’ want. But the Fulham game is a nice little game as well.

DM: It gives you chance o se how far you have come.

IT: Yes it’s a good test for us against Premiership opposition. We really will see how far we have come. If we can give a good account of ourselves on Saturday then great.

DM: How do you approach it then. Do you take the attitude that we are at home and so we can win this?

IT: Yeah definitely. As I said the way we are going at the moment the lads are full of confidence and we see it as a game we can win.

DM: If you are going to draw a Premiership side then you want it to be at home and…

IT:…lower down their league. It would be great to get into the next round and get a Premiership scalp as well.

DM: So presumably everybody is buoyant?

IT: Yes before Wednesday’s game against Leeds we said what a big step it would be if we could win. We are in 5th place now and it has been a big step for us. To finally get into the playoff places.