The BIG Interview - Ian Taylor.

Last updated : 25 November 2004 By The Rambler

DerbyMad: You went to watch your previous team Aston Villa play Spurs earlier in the week. Did it give you chance to gauge, by looking at 2 Premiership teams in action, how far you think Derby have come and how near they are to being the genuine article themselves?

Ian Taylor: As far as Premiership wise goes I think we are a bit away from that but I think there is a major gap between this division and the Premiership anyway. Teams have shown that when you go into the Premiership you need to buy. I think that is what we would have to do if we did go up but I think we are going in the right direction definitely.

DM: Clearly we are going in the right direction, but the reason I asked is because some supporters are saying that because we are on the verge of the playoffs we are almost a Premiership club but there is a lot more to I than that isn’t there?

IT: Of course supporters do get excited when the team is up there. And of course they do want them to get into the Premiership. That is the main aim of Derby County. Yes. But I don’t know if that is right now.

DM: Let’s look at right now, or at least last week and defeat against a Sheffield United side that had clearly done their homework.

IT: Yes. I think a lot of teams will do that from now on though. They are going to do their homework on us and of course they will wan to take points of us. It is going to be difficult at times but you have to overcome these obstacles.

DM: It’s a compliment though?

IT: Oh definitely. It’s nice to receive some compliments this season after last season. Like I said though, we are going in the right direction. It will be difficult at times but we have got the players that can overcome it.

DM: Mention of last season and we look at this Saturday’s opponents Preston. The game up there last time was not one of derby’s best performances.

IT: I think I was suspended for that last time round. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Deepdale so I’ll be looking to get one over on them and I think everyone else will too.

DM: You say it’s been a long time. Have you not played there since you left Port Vale?

IT: No I don’t think so it will be nice to go back there after all this time.

DM: We’ve talked about other teams sussing Derby out. You tend to play 5 across the middle away from home so really you have got to make Preston do the thinking.

IT: Definitely. There have been times this season when we have played 4-4-2 away from home so I think they will be doing a little bit of guessing before we get there. It just shows that we have got the players here who can adapt. And we can adapt to any formation that we want to. It depends on how the game is going I suppose.

DM: Just a quick word about a new midfield partner for you in Blessing Kaku. Presumably you have not yet had chance to see the way that he played and how he is going to dovetail in.

IT: No not really. But I’m sure that he is going to be a good addition to the squad. He’s here for a month so hopefully he can show us in that month what a good player he is and help us along.

DM: Only short term but another full international in the ranks.

IT: Yes it is good. It can only be good for the club. Hopefully he can show our supporters how good he is as well.