The BIG Interview - Chris Makin

Last updated : 01 April 2005 By The Rambler

DerbyMad: Looking forward to Saturday and Ipswich a game that you must be particularly looking forward to playing in given your connections with the place.

Chris Makin: Yes. I’ve already been down there before with Leicester this season and got beaten 2 – 1 but it will be a bit of a difference this time. I will be going down there with a side that is full of confidence and with something to play for. So hopefully we can get a good result this time.

DM: It is going to be a big ask though as they are playing well.

CM: They are, but we are playing well as well. It has got all the makings of being a great match. We have got 2 great footballing sides and a great pitch to play on so hopefully there is going to be some good football played.

DM: What sort of memories does it evoke going back to Ipswich?

CM: I’ve got great memories. I still plenty of the staff and people at the club. Memories wise good times down there.

DM: There has been no senior football played for the last couple of weeks. Ipswich don’t seem to have played any games while you and a number of the Derby players have been topping up your match fitness playing for the reserves.

CM: That was the plan. Most of us have had a reserve team run out and that was with a view to keeping our sharpness and keeping our strength up so we haven’t lost it over the 2 weeks.

DM: You featured in the game against Norwich. Given the rivalry between your former club and Norwich there wasn’t any significance was there?

CM: No. We beat them again. We usually used to do that all the time so nothing changes there.

DM: What is the mood in the camp going into the game?

CM: Confident. Since I have been at the club the players have been a confident bunch who love to play their football. And hopefully we will do that on Saturday.

DM: I suppose that there is no pressure on you. They are at home and expected to win and it’s not the end of the world for you if you don’t win?

CM: I don’t know about that. I don’t think Ipswich are favourites in my eyes. They had a bit of a wobbly patch a few weeks ago and got a couple of dodgy results but we are going there as one of the inform teas of the division. I wouldn’t make Ipswich favourites.

DM: So obviously thoughts of the play-offs at the end of the season very much in players minds still.

CM: We are going for a finish in the play-offs. We have to do that first and foremost and once we are in the play-offs we have to go to win it. But we have got to get there first.