Teenage hooligans who follow the Rams

Voilence caused by Derby County Hooligans is becoming a problem for the police. (please note the photograph is not of violence during last Saturday's Bristol City v Rams game)
Police are becoming more concerned at the level and numbers of teenage hooligans who now seem to follow the Rams on their away trips. The teenagers do not necessarily attend the game but they are from Derby and as such are perceived by the home fans and general public as belonging to Derby County FC.

Hooligans usually around the 16 year age group are increasing their numbers at Derby County away games. Last Saturday a group calling themselves the Derby Youth Connection or DYC, started chanting DYC as they walked toward Bristol City centre.
The youths had earlier entered Bristol via train and were "vocal" according to eye witnesses. At around 3.30 the group were involved in fighting with an older set of Bristol City fans. CCTV images of the brawl is currently being looked at by Police football intelligence officers in an attempt to identify and arrest those involved.

Trouble has been steadily growing involving these teenagers, some as young as 15 and there is now estimated to be a core of between 60 to 100 who regularly attend Derby County Matches. The youths are said to come from all over the county of Derbyshire and their numbers are growing.

Bids to nip the problem in the bud include banning orders from all football league grounds for as long as three years and also acceptable behaviour contracts that are drawn up and signed by the youths and their parents, presumably the parents being the ones responsible for their offspring's whereabouts and behaviour during trips to watch football.

Derbyshire officers are also concerned that these youngsters could take on more than they can chew and someone could be seriously hurt during clashes with older hooligans at matches around the country and at Pride Park...