Still having trouble getting into Pride Park?

Last updated : 02 September 2012 By Bloomeram

seasonticket card.JPGWhat is it with these new season tickets!

Firstly the distribution of fans tickets was woeful, with people either receiving tickets late or not at all!

After a rather begrudged apology from the club to all those people still without tickets, some paid for as early as March before last season finished. It is now becoming clear that not all fans have received their tickets.

Talking to a disabled fan yesterday I was amazed to find that after belatedly receiving their season ticket, they found it didn’t work on the opening game of the season. This fan and her husband had made a special journey to inform the ticket office of the faulty tickets and was duly issued with a replacement for both of their season ticket cards.

To their dismay and utter disbelief the newly issued season tickets again didn’t let them gain entry to Pride Park stadium at yesterday’s game via the turn-stiles.

I can talk about this ridiculous situation with the season tickets from first hand knowledge, as I too yesterday couldn’t get through the turn-stiles with my season ticket. Being disabled myself I had gained entry to the ground on the first day of the season via the disabled entrance withIn the ticket office (ironically), where you just have to show your ticket to a steward, so hadn’t at that point used the ticket at the electronic turn-stiles. Like the lady supporter I was shocked and dismayed that I now have to make a special journey to Pride Park ticket office to rectify the problems with these tickets.

I was one of the first to renew for this season and paid my cash to the club way back in early March. So you would have expected that any problems with distribution and the cards actual ability to work would have been sorted out during the three months of the closed season, giving plenty of time to address any problems that have now obviously occurred.

Once in the ground however, it was pleasing to see the Rams perform to their very best and give the paying public what they had been threatening to do to sides from the start of the season. Well done the Rams and let’s have plenty more!...