Season Tickets will stay at Premiership level

Derby County have announced that season tickets will remain at the same level for fans for next season.

The "Same seat same price" slogan seems to suggest that it will only be current season ticket holders that will benefit from the price freeze, with any seats not renewed presumably having to pay a higher price than the Premiership prices paid by last seasons fans.

Loyal Rams fans
Loyal Rams fans pay the same for a season ticket as last season

The launch of the new season tickets will start at Saturday's game against Manchester United and fans will have until April to renew their seats.

Tom Glick the Rams CEO has said the price freeze is a direct result of the loyalty shown by Rams fans during this very difficult season, although we have to ask is it just a smoke screen to hide the fact that fans will have to pay the same Premiership prices for Championship football?

What's your view on the new season ticket prices? Will you be renewing and why are the prices stopping at Premiership level. Email us by clicking on the post box and sending your comments...