Ramstrust Raziak Protest

Last updated : 02 September 2005 By The Rambler

RamsTrust has responded to unprecedented supporters’ concerns regarding the circumstances surrounding the sale of Grzegorz Rasiak and the ongoing and well documented financial pressures on the club. The Trust calls for all Derby County supporters to unite in protest to effect positive change in the direction and ownership at the club.

The outright anger being expressed by Rams fans towards the current owners at the timing and motivation of Rasiak's sale is the culmination of many months of mistrust of the current occupants of the Boardroom.

More and more fans of Derby County consider it to be in the best long term interests of the club if the ownership changes, before the team and the fans suffer any further.

RamsTrust calls on all influential parties, particularly the Co-op Bank and financial supporters of the club, to act positively for change in this growing crisis of confidence from all stakeholders.

We urge any parties with an interest in taking over the club to make their intentions known quickly, so that the club can move forward; RamsTrust will be more than keen to play their part in supporting any
such positive change.

A protest is being organised and facilitated by RamsTrust - actions to allow all Derby County fans to voice their grievances with maximum exposure and effect. More details of the protest will be provided and we ask fans to follow these details in the coming days.

This will not be a knee-jerk reaction, but a well-planned and ongoing effort of pressure on those whose actions have contributed to the current state of our football club and are now starting to affect the team on the pitch

The ultimate aim is to ensure the best interests of Derby County are maintained, which we now believe begins with a change of ownership, relieving the club from the unwelcome situation which currently exists.

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