Rams Weekly Summary

Last updated : 04 June 2018 By Bob Wisk

Just when we thought we could relax for the summer.  Rowett gone, Royal wedding done, cricket ineptitude confirmed, we all thought we could get off on our hols safe in the knowledge that Derby wouldn't appoint the latest doomed middle-aged man until early August

Then along came Lampard.  Or 'Lamps' as we'll come to know him.

The day before, we'd learned who the new club sponsor was, a controversial choice.  Then there was the new kit reveal, almost guaranteed to prompt discussion.  Nothing much on either. Both were submerged beneath a tidal wave of Lampard. Mel Morris had clearly seen enough of the applicant list, including possibly the pin mark halfway down it, and made his decision in double-quick time.

Well-liked throughout football, a stellar playing career and an unusually eloquent communicator,  he's also already upped the club's profile - The Rams was an answer to a quiz question on sunday's Michael Ball Radio 2 luvvie fest, and even BBC East Midlands managed to dust off their road atlas and venture beyond The City Ground for once.  we didn't make question Of Sport, but we live in hope, I think that's pre-recorded 

Of course all of that counts for nowt of the ball starts going in the wrong net.  But a succession of seasoned managerial appointments have hardly succeded over the past decade so why not give the young chap a chance?  We've certainly got some intriguing times ahead.

Now, what colour is the second away kit again?