Rams second part of the season woes will it happen again

Last updated : 19 November 2017 By DSG
Many fans of Derby County in recent seasons fear Christmas and the New Year because of the collapse of the squad and their fall from Promotion contenders to also rans.
We ask "could this happen again this season?"It is noticeable that Derby County have been collecting players over a certain age and have the second oldest squad in the Championship

Could this be one of the over riding reasons that Derby tend to fall away during the second half of the season?
Many have said it is just down to attitude but several slides have cost the Rams dearly in recent season's

Even being top at Christmas couldn't save derby from a steady decline and eighth place finish.
There has to be some sort of problem and age could be one of them

Derby do look better going forward when the pace is high but can these 30 somethings keep up and is the reason for a steady decline?
The Rams certainly have a wealth of wise old heads now at the club, so is it time to introduce some young blood into the squad

The U23 side is doing very well at the moment including a 5-1 thrashing of West Ham U23 recently

Or will Gary Rowett look to import some younger, quicker talent

Who knows but it is always an interesting time at Derby County after the Turkey and mince pies have been eaten

Source : DSG

Source: DSG