Rams Director of football denies any take-over bid

Adam Pearson
Adam Pearson denies any take-over talks
Recent speculation connecting a proposed take-over of Derby County Football Club has been denied by Rams Chairman of football, Adam Pearson.

Rumours are also circulating the Pearson is looking to off load his shares in the club, although again this hasn't been substantiated , or denied by Pearson or the club.

Speculation in the Mail on Sunday last week had indicated that a take-over package with an opening gambit of £22m was on the table from a mystery Saudi Arabian Family. Pearson quashed the rumour earlier this week by insisting that the newspaper may have been mistaking a Lebanese investor, already with the club but yet to be named as the secret bidder.

Rams fans are divided in their opinion if any take-over does occur. Many would welcome the Saudi money and the increased money available to attract and buy players. Others think the business plan already in place at the club, aimed at making the Rams debt free is the way to go in the present financial climate...