Player of the season announced

Another six goal defeat in the season horribilis last night and now the thoughts turn to just who will be picking up the Player of the season award in a few weeks time. Surely no one on the playing staff would want to raise the Jackie Stamps trophy above their head, or will the club have the nerve to proclaim a single player as being anything above the average dross that has been displayed during the 2007-08 season?

It has been said by many that the fans are the players of the year and surely a recognition of that, other than a freeze in the Premiership priced season ticket in order?

Derby County Mad would hope that Derby County will recognise the fans and maybe place three plaques stating that they were they players of the year 2007 -08, no one deserves the award more after the suffering and abuse they have had to endure from fans up and down the country, TV pundits and the writers of the sports rags, since the first few weeks of the season.

The Rams have been are are being called the worst team ever in the Premiership and which player would want the accolade of being player of the season in a side that was the worst team ever in the Premiership and maybe in the 124 year history of the Rams?

Pride may stir them into action and try to avoid the 15 points needed to be statistically the worst ever in the Premiership but time and games are running out…………..but the fans are still there, selling out the stadium and pouring money into the club all season and will be there again as the season tickets for next season go on sale.

We don't care what the officials at Pride Park do we at Derby County Mad are awarding you the fans our Derby County Mad Players of the season award. WELL DONE YOU RAMS FANS!..