No news on further Rams signings

Last updated : 30 January 2008 By Rams Mad Editor

"Stay as you are", seems to be the order of the day for Derby County until the end of the season. With just one and a half days of the current transfer window left to go there seems little activity by the Ram.

It appears strange that no attempt is being made to sign a defender, an area that the Rams urgently need to address, having conceded a half century of goals already this season.

Maybe a last minute loan signing may bolster a defence that is surely the reason for the Rams position in the Premiership this season but all signs are that no further moves will be made.

The idea of struggling on with what little defensive talent seems to be at Paul Jewell's disposal seems ludicrous given that the new American owners will soon be looking to the loyal Rams fans to re-new their season tickets.

Will any of the present 27,000 ticket holders want to gamble on re-newing if the same dross is dished up next season and will they trust Jewell to bring in the defenders and leadership on the pitch so badly needed at this present time?

I wouldn't have wanted to gamble £50m or whatever it was, on a side that can ship four goals at home against a side (Preston North End) 22 places below them and at the wrong end of the

Andy Appleby
Andrew Appleby want's to make the Rams a world Brand name
Championship. Then again, is it the football on the pitch that these investors have placed their money, or the fact that the club represents good value for money, with a state of the art stadium and training ground facilities and room to accommodate the rumoured hotel or casino?

Derby county to become a world Brand name……….sorry Mr Appleby but it already is, we have fans of the club from at least 35 different countries here on the Derby County Mad Worldwide Rams map.

To promote the club further you have to be in the public eye and let's be honest, the appointment of Division one manager Dennis Wise to 'Director of football' at Newcastle grabbed more media attention than the £50m take-over of Derby County on Tuesday.

Maybe the American's can improve the Rams and make them a bigger media attraction but can it be done from a side destined for Championship football next season and with a team that is arguably less effective than the team promoted to the Premiership just eight months ago?

You have to say it is a worry when any new body takes over a football club. Derby County has learned that the hard way over the years, with rogues such as Robert Maxwell, Jeremy Keith and others but do you the fans think Andrew Appleby, Tom Glick and Co will be good for Derby County? Let us know via email what you feel by clicking on the mail box....