Match of my life-Derby County, book review

Last updated : 11 January 2008 By Rams Mad Editor

The long awaited review of the new Derby County book "Match of my Life-Derby County" is here. This new book has been compiled by Nick Johnson and contains stories from the actual Rams players involved in some of the most memorable games in Derby County history.

The book goes back to the 1946 Cup final, where Jimmy Bullions gives his view of one of the greatest days in the history of the Rams, the win over Charlton Athletic was the first after the second world war. Jimmy also recalls the semi-final replay at Maine Road, Manchester, where an amazing 80,000 watched the Rams make it to Wembley and the FA Cup final.

Reg Harrison, also reminisces over the Cup final run and final. He also makes comment of the side that Derby County had during his period at Derby County, Reg staying with the Rams for nine years after the Wembley Cup Final win.

As we go through the book in chronological order the next Rams to have his say was Johnny Morris telling of a 4-1 win over Stoke City. He was a British record signing when he came to Derby from Manchester United for £24,500. His match of his life involved him scoring a hat-trick in the 4-1 win

Bert Mozley
Bert Mozley gives his recollections of a 6-5 win over Sunderland
Local lad and a good friend of mine, Bert Mozley is the next to give his match report and some of his own thoughts on people he played with and knew within the game. Bert Now lives in Canada but at 84 is still a joker, as he was in the Rams sides from 1945 to 1954. He recalls telling his team mates that the boss wanted a word with everyone after training and while everyone waited in an empty dressing room Bert was on his way home. The incident did backfire a little when a few weeks later the boss really did want all the squad in for a chat but they didn't believe Bert and went home, leaving Bert to explain to the manager why he was the only one to turn up.

Bert's game was a 6-5 win against Sunderland in 1950, with sadly only 15,952 seeing the spectacle.

Darren Moore
Big Darren (Dave) Moore brings the book to a close with a description of the Rams promotion to the Premiership in the Wembley play-off final
The book continues to give facts and figures, plus the match of their lives for Rams players over seven decades, ending with Darren Moore's recollections of the 1-0 win over West Bromwich Albion, which I dare say many thousands of people will never forget.

The book has some never before seen photographs of the players and games in which the Rams and the 14 players interviewed took part.

It really is a fascinating read and gives the fans an insight into the world of the professional footballer over the last seven decades. Well worth a read and to add to the growing catalogue of Derby County books that have been brought out during the last few years.

Dave Mackay
Dave Mackay Rams legend on hand tomorrow to sign your book
We will be running a competition to win a free copy of "Match of my life-Derby County" during the next few days so keep coming back to the site for details. If you don't fancy trying to win a copy, you could also go down to Waterstone's St Peter's Street, Derby

tomorrow, Saturday 12th January at 12.00 noon and purchase a copy. You will also be able to get it signed by RAMS LEGENDS Dave Mackay and Phil Gee. If you miss out on the signing don't worry another signing is planned for February...