Letters to the Editor

Last updated : 15 March 2005 By The Rambler
Can you help?
My great grandfather apparently played for Derby arround 1941. His name
was Vic Woodley (goalkeeper). He played for Chelsea and England from
1937 - 1939. He made 17 appearances for england and 252 for chelsea. Any
info or a team photo of that time would be really appreciated, it''s for
my father who has always wanted to know about him. Thanks.

Kevin Dart

Dear Editor,
I am writting as a supporter of Rasiak in his previous team. I am happy
he''s doing quite well in DC as I have always supported him. Give my best
to Grzegorz. I will be looking forward to hearing good news after his
games - hope he will remain your top scorer. Also, good luck in future and
qualify to premiership.

Jaroslaw Zygmunt

I am auctioning a signed black & white photo of the Derby
Championship squad of 1975 on e-bay. They are genuine autographs in blue
biro, not prints. Pictures of it can be viewed by searching for ''signed
rare collectable memorabilia team photo Derby 75'' or item no 5173025184.

Martin Aydo

I am told my great grandfather played for Derby county in the
1900''s , any information would be appreciated. His name was Alexander (Alec) Maconnachie.


Richard M