Konjic - the truth.

Last updated : 07 December 2004 By The Rambler

Reports in certain parts of the media suggesting that Mo Konjic’s career could be over seem wide of the mark.

Before everyone gets engulfed in a wave of Chinese whispers I thought it best to re-iterate the facts.

Konjic underwent surgery on a knee that has been troubling him almost from the moment that he arrived at the club.

After a seemingly minor operation to shave some bone of a spur at the back of the knee optimistic noises were made about him being ready to play some 4 weeks after the operation.

Such a target was never likely, but as the weeks passed questions started being asked about what the Bosnian’s state of health was.

Matters came to a head last weekend when Mo told the club’s in-house television channel that the operation had failed and he was going to consult with a second specialist.

He also confirmed that there was a specialist in Italy who had saved his career after a foot problem that could have wrecked his career.

When one of the local radio stations contacted George Burley for his take on things the manager said that the club would issue a statement later during the day.

It transpires that this was never going to be the case, as statements usually mean an official comment on a given situation whereas the most that would happen in this case would be a paragraph or two on the official website confirming that the operation had failed and Konjic was to see a second specialist.

At no time has Konjic or any representative of the club, stated or even intimated that his career could be over. That idea seems to come out of the remark that he may consider visiting the Italian specialist if he got no satisfaction out of the second consultation over here.

As things stand Konjic is scheduled to see the second specialist today (Tuesday). Until that has happened anything else is merely uneducated speculation.