Is Earnie earning his corn?

Rob Earnshaw
Do you know this man???????
The Rams are hardly brimming over with cash but recent events make one wonder just why the Rams paid a record £3.5m for a striker they refuse to play.

Rob Earnshaw joined the club at the start of the season and has completed just one full game for the Rams, in the 4-0 drubbing by Spurs. In total Earnshaw has played just 211 minutes for the Rams. That is more than £16,500 per minute played.

The Welsh International hasn't featured in the last four Derby County first team games at total of 360 minutes of bench warming.

Maybe there is a fitness, attitude or tactical problem that makes Billy Davies feel he can't play his record signing. Rumours of a dressing room bust-up between Earnshaw and the Rams manager are gaining momentum but if that were true surely Earnshaw would be loaned out to lessen the rapidly rising wage bill?

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