Gutter press so depressing for Rams supporters

Last updated : 20 January 2008 By Rams Mad Editor

Well "it was good while it lasted" or so the saying goes but yet again Derby County start brightly but due to cruel luck and poor defending we find ourselves on the end of yet another defeat.

Looking on the bright side the early goal proves we can now hurt the opposition and for a while in the first half of yesterdays game we look a competent side.

The injury to Danny Mills on 32 minutes was the turning point of the match, with the Rams still winning by their fourth minute strike from Nyatanga. With no more defensive players on the bench it was Eddie Lewis who came into the fray in an effort to hold on to the points but all to no avail.

Portsmouth now sensed the game was theirs for the taking and it didn't take Bengani long to score the equalizer and the first of his hat-trick on the day, just 6 minutes after Mills was replaced following a knee injury.

The Rams must now be totally demoralised, after this defeat and yet more bad mouthing from the national media, who can't seem to wait for their next column, full of uncalled for and derogatory remarks about Derby County, such as the one from Graham Nickless in the News of the World-player ratings, which stated "Emanuel Villa- Looks decent if given right service, shame he's at Derby"

Now Rams fans don't mind the banter from the Forest, Leicester, WBA and Leeds fans etc (notice they are all lower league teams) but it is getting a little wearing when every paper you pick up or website you read are talking about the Rams in such a derogatory way. Derby County earned the right to be in the Premiership and deserve a little more respect than the media is giving the club at the moment.

You may ask, "why aren't the Rams fans given a bigger write up by the gutter press?" Despite defeat week in week out they turn up in their thousands, selling all of their tickets for the game at Portsmouth a distance of 188 miles, or 376 mile round trip.

They deserve some mention, some say they deserve a medal but you can always guarantee that the Rams will be well supported no matter how bad the results get or in what division they find themselves....