former Rams directors have to sell houses to pay back 146,875 each

Last updated : 08 July 2010 By Rams Mad Editor

Andrew Mackenzie
Andrew Mackenzie must sell his home in Florida
Former directors of Derby County, Jeremy Keith, Andrew Mackenzie and Murdo Mackay have been ordered to pay back money taken illegally from the Club. Derby County FC however will not see any of the £375,000 taken from the club, as there were complex legal issues. The money will now go to the public purse.

The judge Alexander sitting at Northampton court accepted that the three men had been altered by their trial and subsequent time behind bars but has ordered that Keith sell his £1.3m home in Oxfordshire, whilst Mackenzie must sell the American holiday home in Florida. Former Director of football Mackay now claims job seekers allowance, has no home to sell and no hidden assets but must pay back £6,117. All monies to be paid back within six months or a further prison sentence of between 18 and 30 months will be impossed.

Murdo Mackay
Murdo Mackay now on Job seekers allowance but must still pay the court over £6,000 or face further time in prison