FA contact Norwich about betting scam

It will be three weeks tomorrow that Derby County went to Carrow Road to play Norwich City. Claims in the media and by Norwich MP's of match fixing have really taken off and a full scale investigation has been promised by the FA.

Well today the guys from Soho put their backsides in gear and have reportedly asked Norwich City some searching questions today. A statement by Norwich City has been give which reads 'We can confirm that we have now been contacted by the FA and asked whether we have any information about the allegations or any concerns about the conduct of the game or the behaviour of the players and officials.

'We have written back to confirm that we do not have any such information and nor do we have any such concerns.

'The allegations of unusual betting patterns were a total surprise to everyone at Carrow Road and we will continue to do whatever we can to be of assistance to the FA in order to clear the good name of the Club as soon as possible.'

Funny how it has taken the FA three weeks just to ask Norwich if 'they' know anything about these ridiculous allegations. It is unclear at the present time if Derby County have been approached at the same time by the FA but Rams Chairman of Football, Adam Pearson has let the media know how riduculous these claims seem to be.

Investigations are now continuing into the incident and the large volume of bets taken by a far east bookmaker on the game. A game in which they had their goalkeeper sent off and still managed to win. Reports were that the bets in this were mainly placed on Norwich to win the game, so involvement by the Rams and any of their players seems very unlikely.../