Ex Ram mentioned in kiss and tell TV programme

Last updated : 15 January 2003 By
Deon Burton
Deon Burton pole dancing expert!
Last night saw a rather saucy insight into an ex Ram on TV. The ITV programme “Girls behaving badly” looked at girls who slept with celebrities and then told all to the tabloid paper.

The ex Rams mentioned in the programme was Deon Burton, who was described as playing for DerbyCounty at the time of the incident and as being a "minor celebrity".

Burton who has recently moved to Portsmouth was alleged to have frequented pole-dancing clubs. At one such club he met Judy who told in the TV interview how at 18 years of age she used to regularly dance for Burton at the club. She said that Deon was so taken with her or the dancing that he paid around £200 for the privilege over the course of the relationship.

Deon didn’t come out of the programme looking too bad, after all Judy had described him as “having a huge Willy” and “Hung like a horse” although it does tend to reflect poorly on a man who gets his kicks from visiting pole dancing clubs in the first place.