Derby a credit to the support

Isn't it amazing how not one report of Saturday's game gives much credit to Derby County. All they can say is that United were below par, or United struggled against rock bottom Derby.

Little mention of the tremendous effort that the Rams players put in and the superb support from yet another full house at Pride Park who held up black and white cards to make the stadium a sight to be seen.

There wasn't many reports that had Derby County outplaying the Champions for a fair amount of this game but that was what they did and were unlucky with several chances on goal.

Had the Rams taken several half chances it may well have been a different story, or maybe not, as the reporters would have blamed a below par Manchester United rather than well Played Derby.

It seems when you are down at the bottom you become an insignificants as referee, Mr Dowd seemed to think. He constantly amazed the capacity crowd by his decisions and managed to give the Rams four yellow cards, in what was a far from dirty competition, whilst just the one card for United substitute Carrick.

Ronaldo, amazing facial expressions
Ronaldo was his tricky self but why does he have to throw himself to the ground as soon as an opponent looks like getting the better of him. He is better than that and once the winker starts to remember that he may well become something like United legend George Best, rather than a highly talented millionaire with facial contractions of a six year old once something doesn't turn out the way he wants.

So take away the Ronaldo goal and were Derby County second best? I don't think so, but you will never convince the national rag writers, or the pontificating TV pundit. Anyway it was nice to be featured first on Match of the Day for a change!

Take a look at the loyal support :