A fan writes

Last updated : 11 September 2004 By The Rambler

Mr. Adrian Ochai
Club : Coventry fan (Huge Rams fan as well!!
Hiya, Its Adrian again.
I have checked out ur website several times and I
think it is very cool as well! Excellent!! lol
Overall, I'm a Coventry fan but I'm also a keen Derby
fan (been a fan of both teams since 1994!!). I'm into
nostalgic matches from past and present, televised
matches, derby matches and of course....Saint &
Greavsie (If u can remember them!!).
I'm writing 2 u 2 express my feedback telling u how
excellent ur site is! It looks new!!
But however, I have developed an interest in memorable
matches from fans of all clubs.
1. Do u have any memorable matches from past or
v Tottenham Hotspur - 5th November 1988 (Bonfire
The 2nd goal was a classic!!)
v Arsenal - 26th November 1988 (1st goal was sheer
v Tottenham - 11th March 1989 (Gazza scored a
v Arsenal - 13th May 1989 (Saunders scored a
1989/90 Top season 4 Rams!!)
v Man Utd - 26th August 1989
v Palace - 14th October 1989 (1st goal was a classic at the Ossie End!!)
v Man City - 11th November 1989 (6-0!!!)
v Man City - 20th October 1990
v Forest - 24th November 1990 (1st goal was a screamer
at Ossie End!!)
v Newcastle United - 28th September 1991
v Newcastle United - 20th April 1992 (2nd goal was a
Both play-off games v Blackburn
v Blackburn at Ewood Park (1st goal was a stunner!!)
v Blackburn at Baseball (2nd goal was sheer class!!)
1992/93 (The season Derby should have gone up!!)
v West Ham United - 20th September 1992
v Newcastle - 31st January 1993 (Johnson's goal was a hit!!)
v Forest - 18th August 1993 (What a goal Derby scored!!)
v Palace - 5th February 1994 (Rams invaded Selhurst
pitch that day!!)
v Palace - 28th April 1996 (Remember watching this
game live on Anglia/Central at the time!!)
2. Were Derby championship challengers in 88/89 and
89/90 season?
3. Weren't Derby one of the favourites 2 go up in1992/93?
4.Finally as u footy fans may remember, and I'm sure
all footy-mad fans of the Midlands will remember these
two - Do u remember the legendary Saint & Greavsie?
Of course I do!. Mind u I was 2 years old when they
started in 1985, and I was such a massive fan then,
but however I'm still a huge fan 2day!! lol.
Great 2 see them again on ITV1's Fantasy Football Euro
2004!!. Hmmm, I wonder if u remember any of the
matches between 1985 and 1992 I mentioned above ever
been shown as highlights on Saint & Greavsie! One of
the main reasons that they r true legends!!
I would luv 2 hear from u what ur memories were!!
I hope that Derby bounce back 2 the top flight as well!.
Anyway, I hope u site continues 2 be successful!!.
Yours sincerely