Konjic Speaks

Last updated : 02 September 2004 By The Rambler

DerbyMad: It’s taken you a long time to make your debut but it was pleasing to see you out there.

Mo Konjic: Oh yes I am really pleased because it was a nightmare for me losing two months for nothing. Because the first month I didn’t know what had happened then in the second month to be diagnosed and having to be patient. Now I am ok. I feel pain still, but pain is not a problem for me, and it doesn’t feel any worse. I am pleased to complete 90 minutes.

DM: Have the experts told you that you will have pain for a while or will it go shortly?

MK: I have 2 doctors who have different opinions. They said that I would have pain that would go in 10 days, but now it is 15 days and there is still pain. But it is a huge improvement because 15 days ago I couldn’t walk without pain now I can do a lot of training without pain. If I have to play with pain then I will do but people who have had experience of this type of problem with the patella tell me it will go.

DM: You hardly missed a header during the whole of the game

That is actually my strength but in a competitive game you need to be a little bit more sharp. That is what these reserve gas are for though. I am just pleased that there are no first team fixtures for a few days and I can have a few reserve games before they play again because I need to improve my match fitness and sharpness. In the Championship it doesn’t matter how big you are but how sharp.

DM:You played a big part in the second Derby goal where you headed Lee Holmes corner down for Gianfranco Labarthe Tome to rifle it home.

MK: As I said heading is my strength. We have a number of players at Derby who can deliver a good ball from a set play. I hope that I will be able to help with my height and presence by getting on the end of them. But it is more important to be really solid at the back.

DM: It must have been a weight off your mind simply getting through 90 minutes

MK: Yes it was. I feel really tired though. And I don’t feel sharp enough. I need games, without them I can’t be really fit or sharp. Hopefully having got this one under my belt I will get another one next week. You see losing 2 months of pre-season is not easy to get back in jut 10 days. With a couple of reserve games though everything is possible.